Web Enabling

Our migration technology generate a full HTML5 Real Time Web Application from your legacy code.

We can use your VB6 or WinForms applications to generate a Real Time Web Solution based on open-source libraries, cross browser, and device independent – regardless of the complexity or the environment of the original software.

Web enabling is available for enterprises and software companies that want to migrate their .NET applications to the web.

Our innovative migration solution is based on Wisej – the only integrated .NET and JavaScript framework built from the ground up around the the concept of Real Time Web Applications.

Ice Tea Group (makers of Wisej) has been one of our technology partners for over 15 years and our developers have direct access to their technology and preferred support level.

Features and Benefits

  • Cross-Platform: Your web enabled applications can be used on any browser, device and operating system, including iOS, Android and all flavors of Windows. Run in-house or on the cloud on Internet IIS, Apache, NGINX, embedded or self hosted on Windows or Linux. Note: the current version supports only Internet Information Server.
  • Fast and Efficient: Your source code remains untouched for over 95 percent and most architectural changes are applied automatically.
  • No Risk: We plan upfront, in details, the time, cost and features of the web enabling project, without surprises.
  • Familiar Development Environment: Your new solution is entirely manged in Visual Studio, including a pixel-perfect web designer.
  • Fresh Look & Feel: Our web themes will immediately refresh all the web enabled forms. All the themes use SVG images and we provide customized themes on request. Currently we have 12 themes, including Google Material.
  • Continuous Development: You can keep working on your original application while we web enable it without losing anything.
  • Integrated Security: Our technology is secure-by-design; we adopt the empty-client approach so that any application-specific information is simply never sent to the client.
  • Cloud-Ready: The server is optimized for the cloud and flexible load balancing scenarios. All the traffic is compressed and optimized and only small differential packages are exchanged over a secure HTTP or WebSocket connection.

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