We use our tools to automatically convert your VB6 code to a modern Visual Studio solution.

We use our automated tools and a team of migration developers to convert your VB6 code to a modern Visual Studio solution. Our approach minimizes code changes and applies a consistent set of customized rules to the source code – the result is high quality, documented, and maintainable C# or VB.NET code.

Our Migration Process

  • Free Analysis & Detailed Analysis
  • Proposal with Several Customization and Price Levels
  • Project Setup – Kick off Meeting
  • Code Migration
  • Code Finalization
  • Tests & Training
  • Quality Assurance

All our migration projects follow a proven procedure model.  The only variables are the service level and customization options.

Project types go from the more expensive all-inclusive model, basically a turn-key solution, to the more involved integrated-project model where your team is integrated in the project significantly lowering the external cost.

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Evaluation Phase

Information: We provide an information package with reference examples, answer all your Initial questions in an on-site meeting or an online demonstration, and advise on the difference technology choices and migration approaches.

Free Analysis: Our assessment tool analyzes the source code and creates a categorized list of tasks. This lets us estimate the time, effort, risk and cost of the migration project with 80% to 90% accuracy.

Detailed Analysis: We examine the entire code of your applications, verify the results from the Free Analysis, and provide you with an accurate project proposal including several project models and price levels. The fee for the detailed analysis is usually very low and it’s provided as of the Free Analysis result.

Migration Phase

Project Setup: We coordinate with you the precise timetable for the project, define the target structure of the entire system, and prepare the workspace for the migration. We are able to maintain the code-freeze period to a minimum and, if necessary, update the migration with fresh bug fixes that you may have applied during the code-freeze period.

Code Migration: Our automated tools generate the new C# or VB.NET code and Visual Studio solutions. We run this step several times with different settings and/or customized filters to achieve the best possible result and, if necessary, customize the output.

Code Finalization: During the finalization step one, the migration team assigned to your project checks and completes the generated projects; they implement custom controls, verify all form layouts, complete all reports, and perform basic functional tests.

Test & Quality Assurance: For all project types, except the in-house one, the migration team executes basic, functional and manual tests. You are required to provide click-through use cases using our video capturing tool. We measure the test results using a code coverage tool and ask for additional click-through tests when necessary.

Quality Assurance

User Acceptance Tests: With the all-inclusive project we’ll fix all the issues that may arise during your User Acceptance Test. In all other types of project models, our migration developers will train and support your team during this step.

Training: We hold workshops and training sessions to introduce your developers to the migrated application and new technologies. We also offer additional advanced training and extended support agreements beyond the warranty period included in the project.

Further Development: We are available to further enhance the migrated application, to migrate it to a Real Time Web Application later on, create a new front-end for mobile devices, and develop additional modules. In other words, we can support you long after the project is completed.

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