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Modern Code and UI

We convert your old VB6 applications to .NET code and modernize the User Interface.

Risk Free

We guarantee every conversion to perform as the original application and to work with the latest technology.

Save Time & Money

We use proprietary tools and a team of experienced developers to lower the cost and time of conversion by 80% compared to a manual rewrite.

Web Application

We give you the option to convert your VB6 code to a Real Time Web Application in C# or VB.NET based on Wisej.

Free Evaluation

Free evaluation

We evaluate your VB6 applications and provide you with a  free estimate including multiple options, time and cost for the conversion.

Our Services


We use our tools to automatically convert your VB6 code to a modern Visual Studio solution. Then we use a dedicated team of migration developers to complete the conversion and test the application.

Our process is fully open, we can integrate your resources in the migration pipeline, and we can adapt to your requirements.

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Our developers can enhance the migrated applications to use modern ribbons, align and resize forms and controls, update icons and images and upgrade the entire look & feel of your new solution.

We can upgrade and convert your database to Microsoft SqlServer or Oracle and use the latest .NET connection providers.
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Web Enable

Our migration technology can go even further and generate a new HTML5 Real Time Web Application from your migrated code.

The resulting solution is a cloud-ready web system that can be used by Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari on any device. There is no deployment to the user devices and the entire system runs on the server side.
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Our Team


For more than 25 years we have been helping our clients modernize their software, create new solutions, or master new technologies. Our extensive experience allows us to always find optimal solutions to preserve and enhance your software assets.

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