Web Application

We give you the option to convert your VB6 code to a Real Time Web Application in C# or VB.NET.

We can convert your VB6 application directly to a fully themeable Real Time Web Application in C# or VB.NET. We have the experience and the technology to successfully complete any web-migration project within time and budget.

In many cases it’s not enough to convert from VB6 to .NET and still run as a client/server desktop application. Converting your legacy VB6 app to a Web Application allows you to deploy your solution as a simple URL, to provision it, to host it in any data center – such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS – and to use it from any device anywhere.

Our web migration service preserves your application workflow and business logic in a brand new Real Time Web Technology, fully integrated in Visual Studio. You can work with your new code and forms using a pixel-perfect designer and the same programming paradigm that your are used to.

Our automated tool generates the initial web forms either in C# or VB.NET and our developers further modernize the result web application with cutting edge themes, replace the connectivity, and take care of all the changes required when going from a single-user architecture to a server-based multi-user system.


An End to Bad Compromises

When you experience the result of our web migration for the first time, you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s a sleek user interface working perfectly in every modern browser. Our solution includes modern themes (like google’s material design), the most powerful theme builder on the market, mobile devices support, and simplified deployment.

We Prove the Feasibility

Too good to be true? We’ll prove it to you┬áin advance.

Before you decide to work with us, you will have already seen a prototype of the end result and have received a detailed project proposal with a fixed-price offer.

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