Save Time & Money

We lower the cost and time of the conversion by 80% compared to a manual rewrite.

We use our own tools and teams of specialized developers to lower the cost and time of a conversion by 80% when compared to a manual rewrite.

Our conversion approach, methodology, and technology allow us to complete a conversion project in 15 – 20 percent of the cost/time of a new implementation. Most projects will need between two to six months.

Our first step is to perform an initial analysis of your entire system. Using one of our automated tools, we gather key information about your code allowing us to estimate the time/cost of the project with a high degree of accuracy and to detect any potential issue early on.

Before starting the project, we present the result of our preliminary analysis, including any potential challenge, and give you a complete picture of your project.

The next step is to prepare a fixed-price offer and a detailed analysis. After reviewing the source code, we work out a detailed plan and build a prototype following your requirements. You will know exactly what we will deliver, the expected performance, and quality of the converted code and UI.

Our all-inclusive project type is guaranteed 100% and is virtually risk free. Before committing to anything, you will have already evaluated the converted code, a prototype, project plans, a detailed timetable, and a complete overview of the full solution.

We also offer a lower-cost alternative integrated-project type for companies that want to use their own teams in the conversion project. We take the lead and work with your team during the entire conversion process.


We used our 15+ years of code modernization experience to build vbPORTER: our proprietary VB6 conversion technology.

vbPORTER understands your source code. It doesn’t simply translate old keywords with new ones. It actually applies customizable transposition rules to code patterns and to entire controls and their members. The resulting Code Object Model is rendered to either C# or VB.NET resulting in consistent and well designed code.

Earlier tools, including Microsoft’s VB6 converter, were limited to keyword replacement and couldn’t generate usable code, especially when used with real life applications.

vbPORTER masters complex mappings and correctly integrates existing and new controls, including third party components. We use it successfully every day.


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